Dynamic power to the core, the symmetrical Mentor™ Core was built to produce plenty of positive midlane motion, while also providing a generous amount of recovery and room for error down lane where you need it most.

On the outside you will find our often imitated, never duplicated pearlized MicroTrax coverstock material which features a 100% full load of nano-particles displaced throughout. While the solid form  quickly grips the lane and digs in super quickly on heavy oil, the pearlized version retains energy through the front of the lane which translates to stored energy down lane where you need it most.

From its dynamic looks to its dynamic motion, this ball was built to leave a positive and long lasting impression on everyone who comes in contact with it. Bottom line, this ball is a performance powerhouse.

exotic gem

Thanks to the relentlessness of our research and development team, we found yet another way to formulate quite possibly the most explosive benchmark balls in recent history. Engineered to create more overall torque and pure projectile power than all the low RG symmetrical ball before it, the TNT is here to blow up racks and take names. From the Torque Sphere Technology inside the Torpex Core to the introduction of the eTrax™ PLUS solid coverstock, it’s a high probability this ball will have your opponent’s taking cover and calling the bomb squad for help.

exotic gem

Striking. Alluring. Captivating. Call it what you will, but we prefer to call this enchanting and outstanding performing ball what it truly is, EXOTIC! From its ravishingly good looks to its dominance on those Medium/Heavy oil conditions thanks to the combination of the Defiant LRG Core (our fastest revving asymmetrical core) & MicroTrax Pearl Coverstock (our earliest and most aggressive pearl cover we currently offer on any ball), everyone will take notice when you hypnotize them with the Exotic GEM™.

idol cosmos

Vanwege het overweldigende succes en de populariteit van de IDOL™ Helios, waren we van mening dat het creëren van een pearl versie met dezelfde chemie van de coverstock een absolute must was die bowlers over de hele wereld nodig hadden.

Dus ging het onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingsteam aan de slag om formules aan te passen en de verschillende variaties van de XtremeTrax™-cover in een pearl versie te testen. Alles wat we kunnen zeggen is WOW, we hebben indruk gemaakt op onszelf, wat betekent dat u ook onder de indruk zult zijn. Onze enige focus was om een optie te creëren die de IDOL Helios aanvult, wat betekent dat de headers van de baan net iets cleaner zijn en tegelijkertijd meer hoek en reactie op de baan biedt.

rst x3Formulated for ALL bowlers regardless of their style or their skill level. The latest installment in the RST Series provides WAY more mid-lane motion than the RST X-2, while still providing PLENTY of giddy up down lane. This version of MicroTrax™ Hybrid features nano particles throughout to provide the traction you need in oil, while its two parts pearl provide you the reaction you have come to know and love about the RST Series. So, whether you are a recent PBA Hall of Famer, or this is your very first high-end ball, the RST X-3 will provide unparalleled reaction time and time again.

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