crypto boomThe Crypto Boom is a pearl version of the original Crypto but now features the new HK-22 (Hyperkinetic-22). This cover is setting a new standard by which all coverstocks are being measured. With the addition of the HK-22 cover, the Crypto Boom offers a complimentary ball motion to the original Crypto with a clean projection through the front part of the lane, and a sharper continuous down-lane motion. The Crypto Boom uses the same core as the original Crypto, with a RG of 2.48 and a Diff of .046.

With our new ball launches, we are featuring new drilling instructions offering a wide variety of ball motion with “no balance hole” options so that bowlers can make a smoother transition into the new ball specifications. Again, this is just another example of why Radical is quickly becoming a leader in bowling ball technology. We call it the #Radical Revolution.

sneak attack solidThe Sneak Attack line has been a very successful staple following the Rack Attack and Counter Attack. The EZ-Use performance is ideal on drier patterns or when less flare is needed. The original Sneak Attack featured our MTS-1, Micro Tech Solid cover, and we are excited to add more performance to the Sneak Attack line with this new addition. Using the MTS-1 cover, we have added more traction giving you more options in the EZ-Use category. The Rg is 2.54, and the Diff is .036.  

innovator solidThe Innovator Solid uses the very aggressive MOtion Magic Plus Solid cover to create a stronger and earlier motion. The Innovator Solid features the same core as the original Innovator, with an RG of 2.477, a differential of 0.053, and an intermediate differential of 0.012. The Innovator Solid will have a distinctive strong motion, handle heavier patterns, and perfectly complement the original Innovator.

innovator solidThe Outer Limits has a new core concept designed to enhance backend motion and has the continuation expected from Radical balls. This asymmetrical core features an RG of 2.499, a differential of 0.051, and an intermediate differential of 0.014. These core numbers were developed using a new method to help determine and predict ball motion. By the response from our testers, we hit this one out of the park. The Outer Limits is wrapped with the incredible HK22 - HyperKinetic Hybrid, which is a new chemical compound made available through the hard work of our chemists and is a whole new ball game when it comes to cover stocks.

katana assaultWhat if we took the biggest backend ball we ever made, The Katana, and added a flip block to it? You’d have a super Katana. What if we took this super Katana and wrapped it in the new industry standard skid snap cover the HyperKenetic-22P? You’d have our newest launch, the Katana Assault.

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