trouble maker pearlTrouble Maker was a revolutionary ball featuring the first core designed specifically for no-thumb bowlers. The ball performed incredibly for all styles, even bowlers who use a thumb hole, but no-thumb bowlers saw more versatility from this ball than any other. The Trouble Maker Pearl is the perfect follow-up. By adding HK22 with Inciter Pearl additives, this core and cover combination will be just what every no-thumb bowler needs to combat medium oil.

violent collisionDV8 is elated to present a fantastic successor to the Brutal Collision: the Violent Collision. This captivating pearl bowling ball offers enhanced length and a sharper backend movement, providing bowlers with an exceptional choice when they need a less aggressive option than the Hellcat XLR8 and Brutal Collision. The Violent Collision features the same outstanding core as its predecessors, combined with the all-new Havoc Pearl coverstock, a pearl version of HK22. This synergy results in increased length and a more potent backend reaction. Prepare to elevate your game to new heights and experience a higher level of domination with the DV8 Violent Collision.

hellcat xlr8The DV8 Hellcat XLR8 takes performance to new heights! Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Hellcat, this bowling ball is designed to push boundaries once again. DV8 enthusiasts were captivated by the Hellcat's impressive power and ability to retain energy, and the Hellcat XLR8 takes it a step further with enhanced backend motion.With its Maximum Havoc Solid coverstock, finely crafted with a 1500 grit Siaair finish, and the dynamic Hell Raiser D.O.T. core, this ball offers exceptional traction on oily lanes. Not only that, but its remarkable continuation through the pins will leave you astounded. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary bowling experience as the Hellcat XLR8 revs up your scores today!

Verge HybridThe Verge series has consistently delivered exceptional performance for DV8 enthusiasts, dedicated lane aficionados, and avid bowlers alike. Over time, the Verge line has continued to evolve and establish itself as one of DV8's most dependable offerings.Recently, the Verge Solid introduced a level of hook that was unprecedented in the DV8 lineup, prompting the need for a longer and more aggressive ball on the backend. This led to the development of the Verge Hybrid, a game-changing addition to the series. By incorporating the HK22 base, the Verge line has transcended to the next level, delivering symmetric performance that excels in handling oil conditions, while also responding with increased intensity to friction.For bowlers seeking to stay competitive on medium oil conditions, having a Verge Hybrid in their arsenal is essential. Without it, they risk falling behind the curve in the ever-evolving world of bowling.

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