beyond InfinityThe Brunswick Beyond Infinity upper-mid performance bowling ball – a stunning blend of purple, ice, and mint hues in an ultra-transparent HK22 base. This ball uses the Infinity core which offers mid-range asymmetry, higher RG, and Differential, resulting in precise control and devastating pin action. The HK22 A.X.H. Pearl cover ensures a clean, angular trajectory, making it one of the most angular motions in the current Brunswick line. Don't miss out on this unique combination of aesthetics and performance.

endeavorIntroducing the Brunswick Endeavor mid-performance bowling ball – a result of Brunswick's unwavering commitment to innovation and improvement in each release. At its core lies the Tiered Hexagon, a groundbreaking shape that brings a higher RG and medium differential, thanks to its tall and slender design. Paired with the Activator Plus 3.0 Pearl cover, the Endeavor effortlessly glides through the heads, delivering a sharper motion down the lane. With its tailored core, cover, and finish, the Endeavor is the go-to choice for medium to drier lanes. Join in on this journey of bowling excellence.

ultimate defenderMeet the Brunswick Ultimate Defender – the go-to ball for conquering oily lanes with finesse and power. Its clean and robust cover, coupled with a dull surface, guarantees exceptional hook potential in oil-rich conditions. What sets it apart? The Ultimate Defender boasts impressive continuation on the backend, delivering a sharp response that outshines competitors like the Mindset. When facing oily challenges, this ball isn't just a choice; it's the ultimate choice. Elevate your game with precision and power – make the Brunswick Ultimate Defender your winning companion on the lanes.

Knock Out BruiserSome would say that the original Mindset was perfect; it hooked in oil and didn’t quit; in fact, our pros loved it and chose it as their go-to big hooking ball this tour season. It takes confidence to have the perfect mindset, and confidence comes from having the right ball in your hand. The combination of HK22 – Evolution Hybrid and the Mindset core is the recipe for confidence and the Perfect Mindset. Bowlers who found the Mindset to be too strong when there was not enough oil on the lane or needed more length and recovery will experience greater confidence and more success with the Perfect Mindset.

Knock Out BruiserBrunswick’s ethos is to advance the sport by focusing on better products, leading to higher scores and happier bowlers. The new Brunswick Ethos ball epitomizes what Brunswick stands for. The Ethos is an eye-catching tri-mix of colors, poured with the industry-leading HK22 base cover with Savvy Hook 4.0 Hybrid additives and a dual-density symmetric core. Ethos is shiny; it retains energy for the backend and creates a sweeping and aggressive motion that demonstrates our passion for bringing innovative products to bowlers.

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