The Ordnance and Ordnance Pearl are this year’s benchmark line. The pearl will provide more length as the oil transitions and the heads begin to dry up causing a need for a move inside. The Ordnance Pearl will store energy and provide a more dramatic move at the breakpoint.

The Projectile™ Symmetric core uses two plates on top of a middle tower to move mass to the top and bottom of the core to raise the Radius of Gyration and Differential, promoting length and a pronounced move at the break point.



The Amplify™ Core is a new design that features the same shape as the Ellipticon™ core found in the Continuum. We have added a flip block to the bottom of the core to increase the differential in a two-piece designed core. This will yield increased torque at the breakpoint. The two-piece design will have a higher Coefficient of restitution resulting in more energy of the balls surface through the pin deck.

Coverstock: 70™
Finish: 4,000 Abralon
Color: Magenta/Silver Pearl
Core: Projectile™ Symmetric
Flare Potential: 5″ plus
Available Weights: 12-16 Lbs


Gewicht RG Diff MB
16 2.53 .054  
15 2.54 .054  
14 2.56 .054  
13 2.58 .040  
12 2.60 .040  


Dolfijn Proshopprijs: € 158,00


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