ordnance c4

The Ordnance C4 introduces an improvement on a previous core paired with a proven cover. The S70 Hybrid Cover features equal parts solid/pearl components. This ensures optimal length and backend on all medium conditions. The Shrapnel 2.0 Core improves upon the previously used Shrapnel Core by utilizing a density change that raises the RG a point. This creates a cleaner look through the front combined with more shape down the lane.


voltThe Volt Solid features a solid reactive S72R coverstock, finished at 2000 grit Abralon. Similar to the Volt with the S72R pearl coverstock, this new cover formulation will provide more traction on more oil.

Inside, the Charged symmetric core will allow the ball to store energy longer, saving more movement for the backend. Combined with the S72R solid reactive cover, the Volt Solid will be one of the first out of your bag when you need a controllable yet strong ball.


The Zen utilizes a pearl version of the S77 Response cover combined with a gigantic symmetric core. The S77 Response Pearl Cover provides the strongest reaction we have ever put in an 800 Series ball. The Zen will be a great ball to open your angles up with on medium to heavy patterns. The Meditate Core is the biggest core we ever put into a bowling ball. A bigger core means more hitting power combined with a more consistent shape on the lanes. The Zen pushes the limits of core dynamics.


The Aspect is the first ball in the revamped Prime 800 series. It uses the new Reflector Symmetric core, which gives it a medium RG (2.51″) and a medium-high differential (0.048″), wrapped in the new S77 Response Solid coverstock. This new shell is finished at 3000 Abralon, allowing it to create plenty of traction in the oil.

The ALL NEW Aspect features a brand new coverstock formulation combined with a geometrically balanced symmetric core.

The S77 Response Solid Coverstock was developed with controllability on medium-heavy patterns in mind.  The base material is very similar to that of the S74R cover, but this material creates more drastic peaks and valleys when observed under a microscope.  This will create more friction than it’s predecessor.

The Reflector Core utilizes two asymmetric halves merged into one to create a symmetric core.  This will create an incredibly strong, yet stable reaction throughout the lane.  The Aspect will excel as a benchmark ball or an option you can go to as a transition piece.


The Ordnance and Ordnance Pearl are this year’s benchmark line. The pearl will provide more length as the oil transitions and the heads begin to dry up causing a need for a move inside. The Ordnance Pearl will store energy and provide a more dramatic move at the breakpoint.

The Projectile™ Symmetric core uses two plates on top of a middle tower to move mass to the top and bottom of the core to raise the Radius of Gyration and Differential, promoting length and a pronounced move at the break point.


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